Will Vancouver become San Francisco North? BC’s “welfare refugee” problem

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10 thoughts on “Will Vancouver become San Francisco North? BC’s “welfare refugee” problem

  1. omg, Canada is fucking horrible. But everyone there thinks their shit don't stank and blame America for every problem ever.

  2. I agree with most of what was said here but laughed at the line about homeless being subjecting their dogs to "that life." I mean you're really trying to be outraged when you pick that out as being offensive lol. They're dogs, decedents of wolves, they love being outside and being with the pack, street life seems to fit that bill quite well, and I've seen these dogs they're clearly well fed, they seem just fine.

  3. Vancouver is a toilet. Crystal meth central, disease hub, overflowing with low self esteem. It's where they end up:) keeps the rest of Canada clean;)

  4. Awesome.  If oil doesn't pick up soon, I can just go to the coast for lots of welfare and nicer weather.  I can't lose.

  5. It already is and has been for a long time. People are just weird there, and they love to think they are so much more morally superior to everyone else.

  6. Not even one immigrant or refugee should get access to Canada until our own people have been adequately cared for.

  7. …..yeah, but vancouver is already filled with hippies, addicts, penny stock traders, eco-freaks, indian prostitutes, asian tax dodgers, and climate changers….the dregs of half the world…..why not a few more ?

  8. Cant stop it, I guess you could but that would require removing that mobility section from the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. If we do we should also consider taking out the part that says I can say what I please and freedom and liberty part can go too.

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