U2 – Vancouver 2017 full set

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13 thoughts on “U2 – Vancouver 2017 full set

  1. I was there…in the cheap seats…so now I know what we missed! Not sure why they didn't use the big screens so everyone could enjoy the screen effects!

  2. Seen the original tour, before and after. The screens have destroyed any intimacy between the audience and the band. Hope the people enjoyed spending their hard earned cash to give these guys an unbelievable life. From someone who saw them in 1984 for £7.50 after a mate queued up on a Friday night after school to someone who paid 100's dollars cause you've got it good luck to yah.

  3. check the great chemistry between Edge & Dallas at 28'40..Edge breaks a string..see how quick they change gears..that's what I call a great assistent!!

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