Sea Lion Snatches Little Girl Off Dock In Vancouver BC!

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17 thoughts on “Sea Lion Snatches Little Girl Off Dock In Vancouver BC!

  1. 0:09 that was your cue to leave. People need to understand animals are wild, their behavior is not malicious they are just being animals. Keep away keep out! do not feed do not interact, have professionals handle them if and whenever necessary!

  2. it clearly shows that the young lady was teasing the sea lion somehow to agitated it the cost of celite to act out and Its Behavior

  3. that guy is a bad ass he wasted no time jumping in there – fuckin idiot parents should not of let her get that close

  4. Wow! But to be fair, that's the sea lions home and as the guy said this is what happens when you feed wild animals. The first time the sea lion lunged up they should of backed the child away. Thank God this didn't happen at a fucking zoo because they'd end up killing the seal like they did to Harambe.

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