Referee complaints? Simon Borg says no need| Instant Replay

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13 thoughts on “Referee complaints? Simon Borg says no need| Instant Replay

  1. You're missing the point. You were arguing that because it was "ball to hand" it wasn't a foul. I presented another example of "ball to hand" and asked if you believed that wasn't a foul either. (And you've deflected the question every time.)

    In any case, if the player was moving his arm into a natural position, then it's not ball to hand anyway.

  2. Here's how I see it. If a player is "making himself big" then he is deliberately placing his arm in that unnatural position. If the ball then hits his unnaturally placed arm, in my view that's deliberate. What about my iron cross example from earlier? You wouldn't call a guy standing on the goal line with his arms out, but completely stationary when the ball hits his hand? By your interpretation, that should be fine for a player to do, but every ref in the world will call it.

  3. If this is what the quality of officials will be every week than the MLS will continue to grow as a league. But, they NEED to keep this quality of officiating. Its been very on and off in this league.

  4. So if I'm standing in front of the goal doing an "iron cross" with my arms straight out to the sides, and I don't move, and the ball strikes my hand, you wouldn't call that, because it was "ball to hand"?

  5. I've been becoming a bigger and bigger MLS (and soccer) fan over the past 2-3 years. Still learning the game and really enjoy these segments as they help with understanding fouls and cards.

  6. Baca didn't deserve yellow for that. At the time both players committed to going to ground, it was a 50/50 ball. Neither one could have pulled out of it at that point.

  7. Oh Simon….the Toronto handball in the box is still a foul. "ball to hand" exists nowhere in the LOTG. The LOTG states that if the player deliberately handles the ball. Not intentionally, which implies that you're trying to handle the ball, but deliberately, meaning you were in control of your arm at the time. There was no reason for his arm to be outstretched like that. He was trying to make himself big. Should have been called. "Ball to hand" is one of the more common misconceptions…

  8. @330df: I'm sure Will Johnson will remember that when he joins a marching band. Until then he plays soccer and the wall has to be 10 yds away, not feet. Try again.

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