Massive ‘Mega Quake’ Drill Starts In Washington On Tuesday

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19 thoughts on “Massive ‘Mega Quake’ Drill Starts In Washington On Tuesday

  1. Through the fallen dummies advise, they ritually reenact everything before it happens or they practice the drama to look good to fool you and as they came they shipped in the bad and as they leave they ship out the goods!!…. ??

  2. The link about the drill is dated June of 2016. I don't know if this is a different one or not. lol!

  3. This drill occurred last June. Several channels are reporting on this, but the date on the linked article shows June 7, 2016.

  4. fema planning..oroville, also the hanford and other false flagged stagged events just creepy… MuchLove Dahboo77

  5. I hope and pray those pods have been tested against vehicles, building debris, metal rods striking/crashing into them, etc…
    Not sure what we can do in the CA desert – we are on liquefaction and might get sucked in like quicksand. I pray everyday for God's help, in the name of Jesus.

  6. I live in Pac NW. The other night I had a dream about a huge quake. Neighbors house buried in mudslide, dams breaking, bridges gone. Very vivid dream. I'm not claiming to be psychic that's not what I'm getting at. Only a dream. It did cause me to go get a water filter, alcohol/wood camp stove and pack a bug out bag. In the dream I was told this will be bigger than when Lake Missoula broke loose, whatever that means?

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