How To Build a Foreign SEO Agency with Edwin Twigt

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4 thoughts on “How To Build a Foreign SEO Agency with Edwin Twigt

  1. Daryll, I have a noob question if u have the time, I have a Weebly created money site, wich i monetized with adwords, but now i discovered the whole pbn "free traffic thing" and i dont wanna reck this site to transform it into a wordpress site, but im not seeing it anywhere in the organic traffic for the pages i want to rank (only in adwords, as i placed my ads for different pages), do i have to pin this sites pages in order to have them appear in the organic search? How do i modify the way the different pages of the site appear in google organicly? I mean like the Title and content that appear organicly in Google but with out using an adwords ad… hopefully u understand. Thank you!!

  2. Once again, awesome interview Daryl. Thanks Edwin for all the invaluable info. One question I have is that I've tried to decipher what the name of the "old school scraper" is that was mentioned… can you clue us in please?

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