Beautiful British Columbia, Canada | Shot in 4k!

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16 thoughts on “Beautiful British Columbia, Canada | Shot in 4k!

  1. Canada need to return to its rightful owner, Indigenous Native people whose land and resources were looted for centuries. For this hidden ugly&plain truth, google 'ShameOnYouCanada/China&World/ChinaDailyForum' .

  2. Hi, Brad. BC guy here. Vancouver born. I'm working on my fixed wing so I can cruise about and see BC from the air. But after seeing you and Steve et al at Wigeon, I'm suddenly very interested in Helos. Very keen to see more. Thanks.

  3. I'm 100% moving to BC to become a heli pilot, hopefully no one will stop me from doing it! I probably won't do the same stuff as you when working,, but being able to experience the Canadian landscape every single day at work is amazing..

  4. I absolutely love this video, you are amazing!
    I will be in Canada next summer and I am definetly looking forward to it!

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