Amazing Seaplane Flight Around Vancouver!

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19 thoughts on “Amazing Seaplane Flight Around Vancouver!

  1. wow I got seasick before even take the flight – just see your shaking video – do know you can edit your video before going public – this way we can enjoy your experienve

  2. do you own this video ? i have an online marine channel that would like to run it and credit you as the producer

  3. Thank you for sharing your video.I've been to Vancouver many times and have always wanted to do the tour.Never got a chance though.I'm going again in June and i am going to make sure i book the tour with Harbour Air.Beautiful city.

  4. there is no such thing as an" invert" , please edit and correct, there is only reversere thrust, and this is only when an airplane has touched down

  5. Thank you. That was as though I was there with you. It is a lovely city and such  dramatic mountains on your doorstep.

  6. i enjoyed your tour bro thanks for sharing this video.Never had chance to fly like how you enjoying with your family hopefully one i day i'll also fly 🙂

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